• I certify that I will provide complete and accurate responses to the items on this application. If any of the information changes, I will notify the Office of Durgapur Women's College in timely manner.

• I authorize release of any information submitted by me with this application to any person, firm, corporation, association, or government agency only to verify or explain information.

• I understand that the College is composed of stakeholders from many different regions, and many cultural and religious backgrounds. I agree to cooperate with all stakeholders with generosity and tolerance.

• I also understand that acceptance into the program does not obligate Durgapur Women's College to provide me with any form of financial support.

• I understand the decision of the Secretary with regard to admission is final.

• I agree and understand that Durgapur Women's College will cancel my admission, if my qualification related documents are found fraudulent / misrepresented / falsified /manipulated.

• I agree that this application and the accompanying supporting documentation will remain with the Office of Durgapur Women's College even if I am not accepted into the program.

• I understand that the information I provided above will be stored in electronic form for the sole purpose of the application and admissions procedure at Durgapur Women's College.

• I am aware that, the refund of tuition fees on cancellation of the admission shall be as per the rules of Durgapur Women's College.

• I understand the definition of ragging and the penalty of ragging under the regulations and the Order of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

• I understand and undertake to face disciplinary action/legal proceedings including Cancellation of Admission/Debarring from examinations, valuation and assessment process/Expulsion from Durgapur Women's College, if I’m found guilty of any aspect of ragging.

• I am aware that use of mobile phone on the campus is prohibited wherever academic activity is going on (Class rooms, laboratories, Libraries, corridors etc.), and undertake to strictly follow the rule.

• I undertake to keep my guardian / parents informed about (a) my progress in studies and (b) attendance at lectures, particulars, tutorials, etc.

• I understand that, I will not be permitted to appear for my University examination, if I fail to satisfy the University authorities on any of the following counts:

a) At least 75% attendance separately at Theory and Practical Classes.

b) Attendance and performance at the University examination / tutorials, etc.

c) Good disciplined behaviour & decent dress into the University premises.

d) Obedience to the instructions of teachers, staff and other University authorities.

e) Payment of College fees as prescribed.

• I understand that, I must secure the Qualifying Marks as stipulated by Durgapur Women's College regulations in the College Test examination for appearing in the University Examination.

I have read, understood, and undertake to abide by the prevalent rules and regulations of the College as they may hereafter be made or amended by the University authorities.